Located in the western part of Germany, the Ruhrgebiet (North Rhine Westfalia) with a population of 5,1 million inhabitants, is the biggest urban agglomeration in Europe after Istanbul, Moscow, London and Paris with a population density of 2,800/km².

The region includes several cities, like Essen, Dortmund, Bochum and Oberhausen and "rural" districts like Unna, Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis and Recklinghausen. Each city has a unique character of style and culture. However, travel time from the two farthest points is no more than 45 minutes of driving.

The Ruhrgebiet, once well known for its coal mining in the 20th century has transformed in one of the most famous post-industrial transition areas in the world.

Even after its transformation the old mining spirit in the area is still alive.

Examples are the special venues like former gasholders, mines or disused industrial areas and buildings from the former coal mining/industry age are now days converted into public places.

The Ruhrgebiet is well known for its diversity and location variety and offers the whole entertainment package. Visit the two largest cities Essen and Dortmund, explore the nightlife of the university town Bochum or enjoy pure nature of Recklinghausen and Hamm with its variety of parks and rivers.

What else can we say? Take a look around and explore the Ruhrgebiet!

Every city provides several and different unique locations and venues for your travel and event business, all in a driving range of just 45 minutes.